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Cement Industry Outlook

The global cement industry faces a significant challenge of reducing CO2 emissions while meeting demand. The twenty-sixth COP (COP26) held in Glasgow underscored the urgency of reducing carbon emissions by the end of this decade. This can be achieved by following a reduction rate of 3% until 2030. Cement manufacturers worldwide aim to cut their carbon footprint by 2050, aligning with India’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2070. And in order to accomplish this, Ecomak plays a vital role.

Ecomak specializes in addressing not only particulate emissions but also focuses on restricting processes to mitigate SOx and NOx through Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD). This holistic approach aligns with the industry’s goals of reducing emissions and enhancing environmental sustainability, thereby contributing to a greener future for the cement sector.

Solving Challenges in the Cement Industry

ü  Pollution Control: Ecomak offers customized solutions to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and minimizes pollutants.

ü  Product recovery: Efficient filtration ensures product recovery.

ü  Reliability: Meeting reliability needs by experienced engineering team.

ü  High Uptime: Minimised downtime, enhancing productivity by well-engineered and robust construction.

ü  Upgradation Support: Collaborating with Ecomak enables users to upgrade their existing pollution control equipment for its enhanced capacity and performance.

ü  Sustainable Manufacturing: Enabling green cement manufacturing, by providing corrosion resistance materials for burning unconventional fuels.

Why Ecomak?

Ecomak embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way industries manage their emissions. What started as a small venture 30 years ago, has now evolved as one of the trusted names in providing air pollution control solutions.  Our journey has been marked by a relentless commitment to sustainability, driving us to deliver cutting-edge products and services while overcoming industry challenges.

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ISO Accredations:

Retrofitting and Conversion Capability of Existing Pollution Control Systems

Important Features of Ecomak PulseJet Bag Filters

* Optimised filter bags fabric & length selection compatible with process, capacity and space constrain.

* Economisation of compressed air for filter bag cleaning by proper selection, sizing of pulsing system, cleaning cycle operation resulting in controlled pressure drop across bag filter.

* Appropriate selection of filtration velocities considering the inlet duty & performance requirements.  

* Overall designed to separate fine particulate matter effectively, optimizes energy consumption and enhances equipment availability.

* Field instruments and sub control system panel can be offered as per the requirement.

* Optimized design and manufacturing: Proper welding, laser cut tube sheet, appropriate gaskets ensures adequate sealing.

* Snap band fixing and laser cut hole avoids bypassing of dust across tube sheet.

* Robust & compact design.


Ecomak's Solutions for Cement Manufacturing Processes

Ecomak for Cement industry

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