Product quality governs the success of our solutions in all sectors and across geographies. Top Quality Management Systems (QMS) enable us with sustainable reduction in costs and the development of first class quality products. We rigorously follow the process approach which involves the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle along with risk based thinking.

Being a global company, we are committed to a well defined quality policy to consistently achieve the intended results. 

Quality Management System & Quality Policy

Quality management at Ecomak is subjective to the following:

  • Internal / external audits in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Cost and quality awareness
  • Manufacturing methods, procedures and test
  • Continuous improvement of products and processes
  • Management review and reporting
  • Lasting improvements in the course of projects
  • Identification of causes and potential savings
  • Meticulous documentation and reporting

Highest in Class Financial Strength

Ecomak has been certified by CRISIL with MSE1 which indicates the highest performance, highest financial capability and highest creditworthiness in relation to other companies of a similar scale. CRISIL has rated and assessed over 1,35,000 MSMEs as of 2018-19.

The rating is awarded based on a combination of the following 4 aspects by the rating body:

  1. Industry Risk
  2. Business Risk
  3. Management Risk
  4. Financial Risk 

Ecomak prides on the company’s ability to maintain a healthy cash-flow.  Both customers and our partners alike, discover a rewarding experience in a long term business relationship with Ecomak.