Insertible Baghouse Header

In Insertable baghouse, the pad-shaped bags are fastened onto a cell plate at the bottom of the baghouse and suspended from an adjustable hanger frame at the top. Dirty gas flow normally enters the baghouse and passes through the bag from the inside, and the dust collects on the inside of the bags.

Insertable bagfilters have continuous operation. Before a cleaning cycle begins, filtration is stopped in the compartment to be cleaned. Bags are cleaned by injecting clean air into the dust collector in a reverse direction, which pressurizes the compartment. The pressure makes the bags collapse partially, causing the dust cake to crack and fall into the hopper below. At the end of the cleaning cycle, reverse airflow is discontinued, and the compartment returns to the main stream.

The flow of the dirty gas helps maintain the shape of the bag. However, to prevent total collapse and fabric chafing during the cleaning cycle, rigid rings are sewn into the bags at intervals. Insertable pulse jet baghouse are best utilized where there are space constraints or limitations to install a conventional baghouse in the plant.

Do you have space constraints in your plant for pollution control equipment??

Insertable Baghouse is THE Solution for this situation. ECOMAK offers Insertable baghouse ranging from as less as 1000 Am3/hr to 30000 Am3/hr.