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Our teams employ a 360-degree approach to define the challenge, design purpose-built solutions through innovation and latest technologies, deploy the system, and provide after-sales support.

Our team has the applications expertise necessary for handling your requirment. Ecomak engineers focus on the ‘big picture’ of the plant in mind whenever designing an integrated system or solution. This approach has helped in providing customized solutions to customers that save energy, are environmentally friendly and result in cost savings for years with minimal maintenance. 

Data Analysis

Live Monitoring & Industry 4.0 Solutions

The interconnectivity enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) as well as data collection and analysis are rapidly developing across the world and across industries. Any process can be improved with advanced controls and monitoring. Potentially, there is an opportunity to identify and eliminate hidden costs incurred in your process, no matter how small can save your process a lot over the long term. 

Our customers are benefitting from our remote automation technologies that form the foundation for digitalization and data-driven productivity improvements. This has resulted in improved support to the customer in key moments allowing our team to prevent unwanted long shutdowns. 

Key Benefits

  • Optimize plant performance through scientific data collection and analysis
  • Make adjustments to processes in actual conditions and controlling the outputs
  • Reduce maintenance costs and unexpected shutdowns using predictive technology 

Emission Monitoring and Compliance Solutions

To combat global warming several conventions and international treaties have been introduced in the last few years. Day by day lot of industries are facing stringent emission parameters with live monitoring from the agencies ensuring 100% adherence. Traditionally, emission monitoring has focused on Sulphur, Carbon and Nitrogen oxides and dioxides along with particulate matter, heavy metals and ammonia. 

Our team of experts can help you control and actively monitor these emission parameters to ensure compliance with your local government laws with the required reporting. 

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Ecomak, for more than 30 years, has helped customers achieve their sustainability goals and protect the environment by providing cutting edge, reliable integrated solutions.
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Ecomak offers a wide range of equipment and solutions for your plant needs. We help you achieve profitable and sustainable production.
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Customer satisfaction is the primary objective in any of our service offering at Ecomak. We pride ourselves at being able to go above-and-beyond the call of duty to assist our customer achieve their goals.
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