Air Filtration Equipment
Our complete range of fabric filtration & gas filtration solutions

Ecomak’s bag collectors/filters come with proven technology and provide efficient cleaning with pulse cleaning method and reverse air cleaning method. Ecomak can offer customized options depending on the application, dust load, pressure, temperature among other parameters to ensure long system life with easy and minimal maintenance.

Ecomak has decades of experience in providing superior cloth/fabric filtration technology for a variety of applications. Our bag house systems can handle continuous dust loads and temperatures of up to 280 °C. 

Ecomak, for more than 30 years, has helped customers achieve their sustainability goals and protect the environment by providing cutting edge, reliable integrated solutions.
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Ecomak offers a wide range of equipment and solutions for your plant needs. We help you achieve profitable and sustainable production.
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Customer satisfaction is the primary objective in any of our service offering at Ecomak. We pride ourselves at being able to go above-and-beyond the call of duty to assist our customer achieve their goals.
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