Customer satisfaction is the primary objective in any of our service offering at Ecomak.

We pride ourselves at being able to go above-and-beyond the call of duty to assist our customer achieve their goals and ensure system reliability consistently with the latest technology.​

Engineering & Design

Ecomak Engineering Services

To avoid unnecessary costs and ensure maximum efficiency for a system, we offer complete end-to-end engineering solutions. Our team is fully equipped to offer engineering & design for support structures, mechanical static & rotary equipment, electrical system & control systems, piping, pipeline and much more. 

Ecomak supports the project’s development in totality by offering consultation and assistance with planning, design and layout. If desired, our own assembly and service personnel will assist you during the installation process, all the way through to commissioning and start up.

Put our complete engineering solutions to work for you and enjoy the benefits of our expertise – anywhere in the world.

Fabrication of Equipment

Ecomak is well equipped to undertake the fabrication of all kinds of engineering equipment. Ecomak can fabricate the equipment exactly as per customer requirements in regular or exotic materials as required.

Material of Construction:

  • Aluminium
  • Inconel
  • Nickel
  • Incoloy
  • Alloy 20 / Carpenter 20
  • Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel (All grades)

Size of equipment:

Ecomak’s workshop is capable to comfortably house multiple equipment for fabrication at a time of the following sizes.  

Diameter: Up to 5.5 meters
Length: Up to 35 meters

Audits & Inspection

Audits & Inspection

Ecomak boasts decades of expertise in the field of process engineering. Through our hands-on experience covering various sectors of industry, our focus is to provide our customers with the very best solutions- technically and commercially. This helps in building a lasting partnership as a solutions partner for air pollution control.

Ecomak offers:

  • Audits for existing plants for reporting improvements in current systems and reducing power consumption of equipment
  • Surveys for green-field plants for feasibility/budgeting

Field Service & Maintenance


Ecomak believes that machinery in any plant should be kept at its peak of operational efficiency, since plant production is directly dependant on the health of the machinery. If you opt for inspection and maintenance contract with us, we will inspect your system regularly, make any necessary adjustments and perform maintenance work if required. For your pollution control problems, be it any industrial sector- Metals, Minerals or Energy, we take ownership for your entire plant and ensure that it is pollution-free.

Retrofits & Conversions


Ecomak provides retrofitting of your existing installation. We also provide upgradation of pollution control systems for capacity enhancement and reduction in emission levels. Executing the job to customer satisfaction in minimum time frame is the essence of the service provided.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce costs, maintenance time and emissions
  • Increase capacity and output of your installation
  • Improved productivity and faster ROI
  • Huge energy savings resulting in lower operational costs

Installation & Commissioning

Installation Commissioning

Ecomak specializes in providing large scale dust collection/filtration systems. Site installation and assembly is the final piece in the puzzle of any project. Ecomak can provide turnkey services, provide systematic project management services and manage sub-contractors, vendors.

Finally, Ecomak’s Technical Services team will provide training to the plant staff to ensure a smooth hand over of project equipment.

Ecomak has assisted customers in more than 35 countries with the startup of plant.

Spare Parts & Accessories

Spare Parts & Accessories

Ecomak is equipped to supply all spare parts for the components used in our products/system/plants. We guarantee the long-term availability of these spare parts.

As a result, equipment spares can be delivered as quickly as possible, ensuring the production processes aren’t interrupted. Ecomak are adept provide spares for all of their product range with special focus on items which are long term replaceable items such as filter bags, cages, rotary-air lock valves, emitting electrodes and insulators, among many other items.

Smart Services & Digitalisation

Online Monitoring

Online Monitoring Services

  • Live system monitoring of critical system metrics
  • Email/SMS notifications to maintenance staff for anomalies
  • Remote support of Ecomak Technical Services Team for troubleshooting

Key Benefits

  • Optimize plant performance through scientific data collection and analysis
  • Make adjustments to processes in actual conditions and controlling the outputs
  • Reduce maintenance costs and unexpected shutdowns using predictive technology 


Customized Services

At times, customers require solutions which have to be customized to a particular situation. For additional information on these services, please reach out our team along with detailed description of your requirement to help serve you better.