Whether you are currently our partner or wish to become one, please utilize the resources available, as they are provided with you in mind. This Partnership section has been created to communicate Ecomak’s policies, terms and conditions and to host interaction with vendors/partners directly. 

Registration Procedure & Criteria:

Vendors / Contractors who are interested in applying for registering as Partners must mention “Vendor Registration – Sub-Class” in the subject line (e.g. Vendor Registration – Civil & Structural). It is suggested to share the following information in a proper format during submission for good records as the vendors will be contacted any time in the future as required by Ecomak. 


  • Company Profile
  • Product / Service details
  • Details of Accreditations / Certifications
  • Contact details

Our team shall review the request received in the registration forms to short-list Vendors / Contractors. Short-listing will be done based on our business and project needs. Advice on further procedures of registration will be explained to the short-listed Vendor / Contractor over phone or by email as required. 

Depending on the type and nature of product or service, the short-listed Vendor / Contractor may also be requested to make a presentation about their products / services at our offices prior to starting the formalities of registration.

Assessment Criteria

  • Safety Measures and Safety Record
  • Accreditations / Certifications obtained
  • Experience / Track Record Check
  • Shop / Site Survey / Shop / Site Audit
  • Financial Health Check
Thank you for your contribution to the success of Ecomak Systems Private Limited!

Pre-Order Formalities

Along with the signed and stamped vendor registration form, sender shall attach:

  1. PAN Card
  2. GST Certificate
  3. UDYAM certificate (if applicable)
  4. Cancelled blank cheque or certified bank details

Post-Order Guidelines + T&C

To ensure smooth processing of transactions, all partners are requested to following the set guidelines for invoicing, packing and pre-dispatch requirements.