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Heat exchangers (HX) or coolers influence the overall system efficiency and system size. The heat exchanger designs must balance between heat exchanger effectiveness and pressure drop to achieve the desired tradeoff between system efficiency and system size. This tradeoff will vary with each energy conversion system.

Ecomak engineers have experience handling variety of media to carefully design the equipment for the process plant. Airpreheaters, economizers, evaporators and superheaters used in plants are a few examples of the HX. 

Our #ECOHX series is designed for fast construction to give you the best ROI and can be customised in exotic materials to suit the requirements.

Forced Draught Coolers (FDC)

A forced draught cooler has a mechanical draft tower with a blower type fan at the intake. The fan forces air into the tubes of the cooler, creating high entering and low exiting air velocities. The low exiting velocity is much more susceptible to recirculation. The benefit of the forced draft design is its ability to work with high static pressure. Such setups can be installed in more-confined spaces and even in some indoor situations.

Ecomak has precisely engineered Forced Draught Coolers for cooling gases from 1200 deg C. to 250 deg. C.