Safety Policy & Guidelines

Important notes for construction & shop safety

The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference document for all the safety related aspects to be followed at a construction or fabrication site to ensure conformance to Ecomak Safety, Environment and Occupational Health (SES) Policy. The information presented here is, to the best of our knowledge, is current at the time of developing and any suggestions and feedback to the content are most welcome for the continuous refinement of the document. The publication is not a definitive guide to all the SES rules as they vary for different project and site constraints. This document is not designed to address every possible environmental, safety, security, or health issue. The applicable rules are valid till the completion of project phase to hand over phase and shall also be revised / amended as and when required by Ecomak Systems to ensure the safest working atmosphere.

The contractor shall be accountable, as a minimum, for compliance with the enclosed rules of Ecomak requirements which to be followed during the different stages of contract and all government and municipal regulations applicable to contractors, Sub-contractors & vendors employees. Contractor shall be responsible to comply safe working practices as per Ecomak installation and commissioning manual, Ecomak corporate HSE Manual, client’s HSE Management system. Contractor’s site representative will participate in safety audits / safety inspections and ensure compliance of audit observations. Contractor shall plan enough funds for safety requirements and ensure all recourses and sufficient safety equipment’s are made available for safe working practices. Compromise on safety issues shall not be permitted in any circumstance.

Contractor shall accept and responsible to follow all new safety rules and regulations amended time to time due to site specific requirements by Ecomak, client and government authority throughout the project period. Contractors shall communicate this agreed document to their all site personnel and subcontractors to understand safety requirement to be followed at sites during every stage of project. In totality contractor shall take responsibility of 100% safety and health compliance for protecting of all people, machines, equipment, material and environment at project site.

The intent of this section is to have free availability of the safety information for agencies associated or to-be associated with Ecomak. It should serve has a general guideline for adherence of safety procedures. The information may be updated from time to time, and it is the responsibility of the agency to keep updated with the latest safety guidelines.

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