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One of India’s largest alloy steel manufacturer, ordered a fume extraction system for their 60 T AOD converter on Ecomak Systems. The AOD converter has been supplied by SIEMENS. 

The integrated solution consists of the following filtration and thermal systems:

  1. Water Cooled Ducting (tube to tube type)
  2. Air cooled ducts
  3. Forced Draft Cooler (FDC)
  4. Dilution dampers
  5. Pulse Jet Bag Filter
  6. Centrifugal fan and chimney

Due to dry system dust recycling process is simplified significantly. Treatment systems for water and sludge are not necessary. The new dry-type fume extraction system is installed to clean the gas from the converter and is in operation from February 2012.

This leading alloy steel manufacturer makes various grades and decided to install a new 60 T AOD convertor to increase the existing capacity. In order to achieve optimum cleaning of the converter exhaust fumes the customer decided for the dry type bag filter system after cooling the fumes. Ecomak is responsible for the basic and detail engineering of the plant and has delivered the complete system. The plant is designed as a two-stage cooling system followed by off line pulse jet bag filter and engineered for the cleaning of up to 2,78,000 m3/hr converter fume. The fumes are cooled from 1000+°C to 130◦C in water cooled ducts as well as in Forced draft cooler and finally cleaned in bag filter.

The plant reduces the total dust content in the fumes to less than 50mg per Nm3.

The dry system offers a number of advantages,

  • Neither wastewater nor sludge is accumulated in the system
  • Water or sludge treatment is therefore completely unnecessary
  • This reduces the space requirements of the entire system and minimizes the investment costs
  • The pressure drop in the total system is also significantly minimized

For better control variable frequency drive is provided for the centrifugal fan. This makes it possible to save on energy input for the centrifugal fan to considerable extent. The new system will improve the atmospheric conditions of the steel melting plant to a great extent and will keep the plant clean.

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